Pets Choice sign 5 year lease in Cardiff

Pets Choice cat litter manufacturing site in Cardiff

Pets Choice have signed a 5 year lease and shipping agreement with ABP at the port of Cardiff, securing the location of their cat litter manufacturing site.  

Pets Choice have been managing the cat litter manufacturing facility since the acquisition of longstanding pet healthcare brand, Bob Martin UK in 2019 and are successfully growing their cat litter manufacturing for private label as well as their own brand, Felight. Pets Choice cat litter operation supplies cat litter products to retailers nationwide and also trades internationally. Previously, short term leasing of the facility has meant that jobs at the Cardiff factory have been on a contract basis. However, the longer term lease agreement has allowed for permanent positions to be secured.  

Speaking of the new lease, Phil Knowles, CFO & COO of Pets Choice said “This is an exciting new agreement with ABP that secures the future of our cat litter manufacturing base in Cardiff. The long term nature of this agreement has allowed us to secure 18 permanent staff contracts and we hope that this number will increase with the growth of the business. 

He continues, “A port side location is vital for the delivery of a key component of our products, and we’re delighted to strengthen our commitment to Cardiff as the home of our cat litter operation and the Felight brand.” 

Commenting on the new deal, Andrew Harston, Director, Wales & Short Sea Ports, said: “We are delighted to have signed these new agreements with Pets Choice, and that they have chosen to retain the cat litter operation at Cardiff. Cardiff is already able to support a diverse range of cargoes, including dry bulks, but it is great we have been able to secure such a strong port-centric manufacturing customer here at the port.”