For over 125 years, our core belief has been that every pet deserves its happiest and healthy life. This philosophy is the key driver for our ranges of high-standard, affordable healthcare, hygiene and wellbeing products that meet all your beloved pet needs. We offer effective Veterinary Medicines Authority approved treatments - all available without prescription. We’re in the major supermarkets and pets’ specialists so your furry friends are never far from enjoying their healthiest lifestyle.

Key facts

  • We’re proud to have our wide range of Pet Treatments on shelves in major supermarkets and pet specialists worldwide.
  • Bob Martin Clear® and Clear® Plus ranges tackles the 95% of Fleas that are in your home and the 5% that are on your pet!
  • Our new innovative and advanced Clear® Plus formula uses active ingredients Fipronil and S- Methoprene together to quickly kill parasites on your pet and prevents further egg development throughout your home.
  • Bob Martin Clear® Repellent Range uses sustainable botanical extracts, Margosa (Neem Tree Extract) and Lavandin. This means, due to their plant-based nature, they are non-persistent in the environment.