We believe that you should never have to smell a litter tray in your home and that good quality, high performance cat litter doesn’t have to come at an expense.

Since 2013, Felight has provided litter trays across the country a range of UK Manufactured, high performance, value added Cat Litter and accessories with patented Antibacterial Silverfresh Technology formula to neutralise nasty odours and help manage cat waste. Fresher and friendlier, its super absorbent properties allow litter trays to continuously stay fresh for up to 10 days all whilst being environmentally friendly in 100% recyclable packaging. 

Key facts

  • Felight is the perfect antibacterial Cat Litter to neutralise any nasty odours for up to 10 days! Enabling you to continuously keep your litter trays hygienic and smelling Felight Fresh for longer
  • Our expert Felight Cat Litter Range uses patented Silver Fresh Technology™ on every granule which is what provides litter trays with their high-absorbent, antibacterial performance when filled with our litters!
  • Our Silverfresh Technology is gentle on paws whilst providing ultimate performance so you can rely on Felight for a clean and safe litter tray, keeping cats happy and healthy.
  • All our Cat Litters are manufactured here in the UK and come in 100% recyclable packaging ensuring that the environment outside of your home is looked after too!
  • We offer a range of accessories, from litter fresheners for mid-week changes to stylish litter tray and scoops, so you can rely on Felight to give you that 360 Felight Fresh experience.